Nicholas “Nick” Gemas (sounds like Jim us)
Princeton, Texas 75407 USA

Occupation/Job Objective:

I’ve worked as a college instructor (in the social sciences and adult basic education), academic researcher, senior specialist (for a major U.S.-based corporation in the information technology field), and other related positions. I’ve edited and written for corporate newsletters and other industry-focused publications.

My job objective is to find a full- or part-time position in writing, editing, teaching, or music (or a related field such as corporate training). This position can be in the office or work-from-home.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to collaborate. I’m also interested in freelance or one-off projects.


* Experienced classroom teacher
* Teaching and lecture in the online and traditional classroom environments
* Corporate training
* Copy writing for professional distribution and publication
* HTML4, HTML5, publication for desktop and mobile web browsers
* Digital and film photography (I completed a Kodak training course in the early 2000s)
* Graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Cloud applications
* Copy editing
* Audio editing and production using Audacity and other digital audio workstations
* Motion picture review and criticism
* Music performance and composition (tuba, trombone, other low brass, piano/keyboard, conducting, arranging)
* Narration and voiceover artist (demos available upon request)
* Broad array of knowledge in the fields of music, audio engineering, computing (hardware), audio equipment (microphones), and mechanical keyboards for personal computers and workstations
* Skilled gamer and e-sports competitor
* Blogging and microblogging


Familiarity with many urban centers:
* New York City
* Newark, New Jersey (my father’s hometown)
* New Haven, Connecticut (lived there 2003-05)
* Lawrence, Kansas (lived there 2007-16)
* Wichita, Kansas (my hometown)
* Memphis, Tennessee (my mother’s hometown)
* Southeastern Kansas (lived there 2017-18)
* Galveston, Texas
* Dallas and north Texas (my home region since 2018)
* Tucsón, Arizona (I visit regularly)
* Cancún, Mexico


* Hardware: fluent user of modern computing products, including Amazon Kindle, Android and Apple iPhone cellular telephones, iPad, Apple Macintosh computers, Intel-based computers and Microsoft Windows (v10/11), Blu-ray disc players, electronic keyboards and digital pianos by companies such as Casio and Yamaha.
* Software: fluent user of modern consumer computing applications such as Microsoft windows (v10/11), Apple MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, Android, Adobe Creative Cloud, Corel WordPerfect Office 2021, Microsoft Office.
* Familiarity with professional audio equipment including microphones, mixers and public-address systems.
* Experienced webmaster and online publisher of textual, image/graphic and video content.
* Experienced YouTube content creator/editor.
* Experience in streaming hardware and applications including Open Broadcast Software (OBS).
* Experienced audio engineer with experience in sound booths and live studios. Experience with many kind of microphones and mixer setups. Experienced troubleshooter for audio chains involving condenser and dynamic microphones and analogue and digital signal chains.

Use Applications:

* Knowledge and familiarity with the U.S. healthcare and health-insurance industries. Former licensed health and life insurance agent. Former outsourced senior customer service representative for a major United States federal government health insurance program.

* Expertise in many technical-related fields due to simply having been employed in diverse jobs. I’m a quick learner and love to solve problems and figure things out.

* Experienced web publisher on the GoDaddy and WordPress platforms. My websites function fully without JavaScript.

* I co-chaired the meeting of the Kansas Board of Regents “Introduction to Sociology” Core Outcomes Group in 2017 (Topeka, Kansas).

Current Employment:

* My current employer (company name/location), manager’s name and contact information, and position name are available upon request.

Employment History:

* My work history going back to 1996 is available upon request.

Music Performance Positions Held:

* Principal tuba, Wichita Grand Opera, 2005-07
* Substitute tubist, Wichita Symphony Orchestra, 2005-06


* Available upon request


  • Master of Music, Performance, Wichita State University
  • Master of Arts, Sociology, Wichita State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in the Sociology Field, Wichita State University
  • Associate of Arts, Cowley County Community College
  • Diploma from a high school in Kansas

Other Training/Informal Studies:

* Completed a photography course at the New Haven Free Public Library in 2003; course was designed by Kodak.
* Multiple corporate training sessions in the health and life insurance industries, with emphasis on U.S. government health insurance programs (Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, ACA). 2008-15.
* Studied Adobe Photoshop and professional photography/videography in New Haven, Connecticut.
* Correspondence courses in mechanical watch maintenance and repair, bar tending, and computer hardware maintenance and repair in the 1990s and early 2000s.
* Independent studies in applied music at various colleges and universities in the U.S. Midwest and northeast (1990s to 2008).
* Trained in copy editing by the editor of a major U.S. daily newspaper (late 1990s).

This document was last updated on September 18, 2022