Nicholas Gemas, editor and writer

I’ve been a writer since I learned how to read (that’s 40 years). Mostly short stories and poetry. In 1988, my mother gave me my first typewriter, a 1920s Underwood No. 5 that I still own (it sits on a shelf in my office). In later years I upgraded to Smith-Corona electric, and later electronic, typewriters. I never took a formal class/course in touch typing, but I get by.

These days I write on my 13-year-old Gateway PC (running a customized version of Linux) with my prized possession, a 1987 IBM “Model M” Enhanced Keyboard (pictured above), part number 1391401. It’s 100% original, including possessing all 56 internal plastic rivets. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I started a novel in 2019 entitled No Way Out and wrote about 7 chapters. The pandemic came soon thereafter. My life and attention were diverted, and I wasn’t able to finish the novel. I’m now casting around, looking for something new to write about.

In college, I was told to read and learn all the knowledge in The Elements of Style. I read it, absorbed what I could, passed my English and literature classes, then quickly forgot everything in it. My best advice to any aspiring writer is to do the same.

Please contact me if you’re looking for an editor or writer for your project.